Christmas time means candy time, am I right?

The holiday season comes with plenty of guilty pleasures. For me this includes fancy breads, pies, cookies and chocolate. I don't really discriminate when it comes to these items. And, as tradition would have it, every year my grandmother and I make candy wreaths each Christmas.

Needless to say, I've been pulling pieces off of that sucker nonstop.

What's your favorite Christmas candy? It can be a tradition holiday treat or simply an everyday sweet that's been dressed up like Christmas. released a list of the Most Popular Christmas Candy by State. This list comes from the orders they have received and include many candies that we enjoy all year, but they have fancy holiday wrappers.

Louisiana's favorite Christmas candy is PEZ. This is a treat and a toy all in one. Pick your favorite character dispenser, like Santa or Rudolph, and your favorite flavor of PEZ candy and you're good to go. They make great stocking stuffers too! I'm pretty sure this candy has been around since the 80s so it's bound to be loved by all.


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