Slim Whitman, also known in the Shreveport-Bossier area as the "Singing Postman," has died at the age of 90.

According to CNN, Whitman died of heart failure at Orange Park Medical Center in Florida.

He gained stardom with a song called "Indian Love Call". While living in Shreveport, Whitman had a full time job delivering the mail thus acquiring the name "Singing Postman". In his spare time he was a regular performer on the KWKH Louisiana Hayride.

He taught himself to play guitar and although he was right-handed, he learned to play left-handed because he lost a finger in a accident. Beatle, Paul McCartney got the idea of playing his bass left-handed when he saw a poster of Whitman with his guitar strung the opposite way to a right-handed player's.

Whitman was also an early influence for Beatle, George Harrison, "The first person I ever saw playing a guitar was Slim Whitman, either a photo of him in a magazine or live on television. Guitars were definitely coming in."

Slim Whitman was also one of pop singer Michael Jackson's ten favorite vocalists.