Shreveport's legendary Louisiana Hayride will be celebrating country music legend Hank Williams with a free concert, Sun., Oct. 16th. The event is sponsored by the Louisiana Hayride Foundation.   It will be held at the historic  Strand Theatre,  which is located on Louisiana Avenue in downtown Shreveport.

Performers include Hank's daughter, Jett Williams, The Cox Family, and lead actors from the new movie, which is a story about Hank Williams,  called "The Last Ride."

Hank and  the Hayride were key in the early beginnings of the world famous Hayride and its worldwide broadcast on the 50,000 watt am 1130,  KWKH radio station,  now known as the Home of the Legends.

Hank's blend of country and blues led the way for other greats, who became legends:  Elvis Presley,  Johnny Cash,  Carl Perkins,  Johnny Horton and others.

Williams was born in Montgomery,  AL., and he and wife,  Audrey,  moved to Shreveport in 1948.  In fact,  Hank Jr., was born here on May 26th, 1949.

Other  performers  at this Hank Celebration,  include actors from the movie,  "The Last Ride," who are singers and musicians as well.

Henry Thomas, who played the young boy in  E.T.,   stars as  Hank in the movie.  Jesse James plays the role of  the driver of Hank's Cadillac.

The Last Ride poster-3

"The Last Ride" opens in Shreveport at Cinemark Tinseltown 17,  Oct. 21st.


Hank Williams' movie poster is courtesy of The Louisiana Hayride Foundation.

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