Who ever said that a pie had to be sweet?

There are few foods out there as versatile as the humble pie. Growing up in a tiny town known for its apple pie, I'm a major fan of this sweet dish. And I don't mind it in the savory form either.

With the fall season approaching, pies popularity will certainly be on the rise.

Recently Food Network drafted a list of the best pies across the nation. From apple to rhubarb, sweet potato to whoopie these pies have made a name for themselves not only in their state, but also the nation. This is the "50 States of Pie" list.

Louisiana stands out among the rest for it's savory meat pies.

Not only does Food Network believe that this is the best pie in the Bayou State, they also believe it deserves to stand with the best of the best. The best bakery to get one of these hand pies is Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen in Natchitoches. This town holds an entire festival dedicated to the flaky, savory-with-a-hint-of-spice meat pie.

Do you think they deliver?

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