Food Network set out to find the best pizza in each state. Bossier City reign supreme for Louisiana.

Recently Food Network's magazine took a trip across the country to find the best pizza. It must be an extremely difficult job for these guys to travel and eat pizza. That's a dream vacation for me, minus the calories. During this trip, they also crowned the best pizzas in each state.

For Louisiana, it was Cascio's Market Bistro.

Take that, New Orleans! Cascio's won for their exceptional Pizzaletta. It's everything you love about a muffaletta, served up pizza-style.

The magazine interviewed the owner Rocky Cascio to discover that he stumbled across the idea while experimenting with ingredients. It features classic muffaletta ingredients like salami, ham, olive mix, and provolone cheese. Each of those ingredients are layered on a thin pizza crust. To top it all off, a second pizza crust is added with more provolone, mozzarella and crushed red pepper.

We're so spoiled in Shreveport-Bossier, aren't we?

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