Sports betting in Louisiana is finally here... Well, almost.

One thing I'm extremely excited about in 2021 is sports betting in Louisiana. This is long overdue, especially considering the extremely large amount of sports bettors in the state. The bottom-line is, for years, anyone in Louisiana who has wanted to place their bets on sports have simply been doing it. With all of that money going elsewhere, and Louisiana not sniffing a single cent of it.

Naturally, when Louisiana decided to legalize sports betting last year, we all knew it would take some time. There's an entire infrastructure and tax structure that must be built, and agreed upon. However, things are picking up quicker than anyone expected.

The latest reports show sports betting in Louisiana could come as early as mid-September! This roll-out will first be implemented in our Louisiana casinos, with restaurants that feature a bar coming soon after.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board's chairman, Ronnie Johns, says, "I can tell you as we left the legislative session on June 10th, I don’t think any of us had an inkling that we would be adopting these this quickly.” This week, the board approved emergency rules that would place sports betting in our casinos much earlier than expected.

Johns went on to say, "“This is brand new territory for us in Louisiana, we are behind the curve with our neighbors to the east of us in Mississippi, but we are going to try and play catch up very quickly."

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