Football fans are slowly but surely coming to the realization that the football season is now officially over. It was a good one. The NFL championship game came down to a last-second field goal to produce a winner on Sunday. And now, football fans are doing what football fans do best, they are already talking about next year.

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For fans of the New Orleans Saints "next year" has always been our best year. The Saints seldom performed up to par during "this year" finishing the year with a record of seven wins against ten losses. That mark was good enough for the Black and Gold to finish in a three-way tie for second or a three-way tie for last in the NFL's South Division of the NFC. It all depends on how you want to look at it.

But that's in the past and following Sunday's Super Bowl all the league's teams,  including the Saints are tied for first and in contention to make it to the title game. So, who will be featured on the NFL's biggest stage next year in Las Vegas? Well, if you're in Vegas and you know a thing or two about gambling, you're probably not picking the Saints.

CBS Philly via YouTube
CBS Philly via YouTube

Pundits in Vegas have already published a betting line for next year's Big Game and the New Orleans Saints, by virtue of the fact that they play in the NFL made the list as a midpack choice among those who have inside knowledge of the "NFL's script".  The Saints are currently the 15th choice among the betting public according to BetMGM. 

Perhaps the only saving grace for Saints fans is that the Atlanta Falcons are the 29th choice with the same odds as the Brady-less Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both Atlanta and Tampa Bay are listed as 80 to 1 long shots to make it next year's big game. The NFC South's other team, the Carolina Panthers are listed by BetMGM as a 50 to 1 shot.

Since New Orleans has been given significantly better odds than all of their division rivals I think we can safely say Las Vegas thinks the Saints will win the NFC South next year.

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What Are The New Orleans Saints' Odds to Win Super Bowl 2024?

BetMGM has the Saints at 30 to 1 to make it to the big game and win it. But compared to teams like the Houston Texans at 300 to 1 and Arizona at 250 to1 Saints fans could have at least a glimmer of hope that they will once again hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the 2023-2024 NFL season.

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Who is the Favorite to Win the Super Bowl in 2024?

Oddsmakers like Kansas City to be back in the driver's seat. However, the second choice among oddsmakers is another AFC rival, the Joe Burrow-led Cinncinati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills are the third choice in the AFC.

In the NFC Las Vegas likes the Eagles of Philadelphia to make a return trip to the championship game followed by San Francisco. Oddsmakers have the Dallas Cowboys as the third choice in the NFC as far as future wagering goes.

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You can see the complete list of teams and odds here. Besides the aforementioned Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys the only other teams with better odds at making the Super Bowl from the NFC than the Saints are Green  Bay at 25 to 1 and Detroit at 25 to 1. The Saints and Los Angeles Rams are both listed at 30 to 1 just ahead of Minnesota which is 40 to 1 according to BetMGM. 

Look for these odds to move significantly over the next several weeks as many teams, such as the New Orleans Saints are attempting to solidify their rosters through trades, acquisitions, the NFL Draft, and free agency. We won't know who the Saints play when until later this year when the NFL releases its full and finalized schedule for the upcoming season, which usually happens in late April or early May.

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