Maybe Democrat candidate for the United States Senate Gary Chambers saw the recent report that marijuana use could offer protection against COVID. Or perhaps he saw the story that THC in the cannabis plant may slow the onset of Alzheimer's.

Or maybe he just wanted to give incumbent Republican Senator John Kennedy's campaign ideas for a hundred why-Gary-Chambers-shouldn't-be-allowed-anywhere-near-the-US-Senate ads.

But whatever illogic was used by the leftist Chambers in his Senate bid's first commercial, there he is, dressed in his Sunday best, on camera, firing up a fatty, telling Louisianans that their biggest problem is "racist marijuana laws"

What the hell, Gary? Not even Black voters will buy that.

In Chambers very first go at convincing Louisianans that he should be taken seriously as a candidate for national office, he ignores the crisis at the border, out-of-control inflation, the supply chain breakdown, increased energy costs, out of control crime in our cities and the rest.

And only somebody who smokes a lot of dope would do that.

The ad that has to have Kennedy licking his chops (if, in fact, he takes Chambers seriously at all) is titled “37 Seconds," and it refers to a Marijuana Policy Project study from 2009 that said a pot-related arrest is made every 37 seconds. And Democrat Chambers, obviously with the dubious blessing of his campaign staff, tries to make his point by smoking a Snoop Dogg sized blunt for the videos full thirty seconds.

gary chambers, jr youtube
gary chambers, jr youtube

And Chambers, who's obviously is so high he's missed the last 24 months of Louisiana's march toward cannabis legalization, says he wants to "destigmatize the use of marijuana."

In the self-described progressive activist's previous foray into politics, Chambers finished third in a special election primary last year to replace Democrat Congressman Cedric Richmond.

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