And now for something a little different from the Logan marketing department: Amid the usual glut of TV spots and featurettes comes this unnerving found footage-style promotional video, which offers a look inside the creation of X-23 — aka the young female clone of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It’s an intriguing change of pace from the typical ads, that’s for sure.

Blockbuster film marketing has become fairly predictable, especially in the month or so leading up to a film’s release — there’s the parade of TV spots, behind-the-scenes featurettes that include cast members praising the “unique” and “exciting” story, and a never-ending series of official stills…so when something like this found footage video from Logan comes along, it’s definitely more attention-grabbing.

The somewhat eerie video features a mysterious lab where doctors (is that Richard E. Grant?) are operating on Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen), ultimately creating the mutant known as X-23. We then see her locked up in a padded room, where she cuts her arm with her Wolverine-like claws and watches as her skin immediately heals. She is, as Professor X notes in the trailers, just like Logan.

For his (allegedly) final bow as the iconic character, Hugh Jackman is joined by fellow X-Men vet Patrick Stewart, reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier, along with Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, Richard E. Grant as Dr. Xander Rice and Stephen Merchant as Caliban. Logan hits theaters on March 3.

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