With Great Raft Brewing announcing their “Cheat Day” Donut Milk Stout brewing party at the end of the month, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the season of holiday craft beers is upon us.  I love it!  Personally, I am a "Bourbon in the winter, Beer in the summer," kind of guy - but I totally respect your right to love on those holiday suds.  In fact, I plan on getting my dad some choice Louisiana beers (unavailable in his area) for Christmas this year - and I know he'll love it.  Even though it's not brewed in the Bayou State, Noon Whistle Brewing Company's latest creation might just find it's way into my old man's stocking this year as well.

The Indiana craft brewer is releasing it's Mr. IPA-Nut  for a limited time this holiday season.  It's Planters Peanut's first dance with a beer-maker, and it looks pretty good.  Noon Whistle's website claims that the 16oz can contains a cornucopia of flavors, including citrus and honey-roasted Planter's peanuts!

Unfortunately, it's only available at a select number of Indiana stores - but I've got a plan.  I'm checking on the legality of this, because I've seen Smokey and the Bandit, and I don't want to run afoul of the law - but if you know someone in Indiana that likes Louisiana beer and maybe wants to trade...

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