It was announced last night on Social Media, that drummer and founding member of the Grammy Nominated band Pantera, Vinnie Paul Abbott, had died.

Pantera's attachment to Shreveport is unmistakable. The band played their first show with legendary singer Phil Anselmo in downtown Shreveport. Pantera, and it's members, would frequent Shreveport in the decades after that. That includes the small scale riot they were a part of at the Hirsch Coliseum in 1995, which started after a city ordinance forced the last minute cancellation of a show.

Vinnie Paul's brother, and fellow founding member, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, was tragically killed on stage during a show in 2004. During the incident, Dimebag's murderer was reportedly looking for Vinnie Paul after shooting his brother, in an attempt to murder him as well.

After Dimebag's murder, Vinnie Paul worked with various foundations and charities to help raise money in his honor.

Other rock stars and celebrities instantly started to react to the news of Vinnie Paul's passing:

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