A local judge gives the owners of the planned Hustler Hollywood store in Shreveport a small victory in court. But this fight is far from over.

A Caddo District Court judge has ordered the city to reinspect the proposed business on Financial Plaza in west Shreveport (in the old IHOP location) to determine how much space in the business is dedicated to sexually oriented products.

The city has been given a December 1 deadline to get this new inspection done.

The fight over this retail operation centers on the accusation that the Hustler Hollywood store should be classified as a sexually oriented business which would require a special permit. City ordinances say if more than 20% of the space is used for sexual products, the store must be classified as a sexually oriented business. The judge wants to find out exactly how much of the space is being used for sex toys and similar products.

Erin McCarty/TSM
Erin McCarty/TSM

The city will also have to take a look at the inventory on hand at the store.

The city of Shreveport filed suit a couple of weeks ago in an effort to keep the business from opening. A spokesman for the store says they will meet the city ordinance and will not have to be classified as a sexually oriented business.

While we wait for a new measurement by the city, the Temporary Restraining Order keeping the business from opening will remain in effect. Another court hearing on this case is set for December 12.

The two Cindies stores in Shreveport were recently removed from this legal fight and allowed to reopen. An attorney representing those stores says they are working out an amicable arrangement with the city.

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