KWKH -  the Home of the Legends -  and legendary station that broke stars like Elvis Presley,  Hank Williams,  Johnny Cash and Bob Luman,  got an interesting facebook request yesterday.

The listener requested a song by Bob Luman.   Now, that's not all that unusual, we get requests for those great legendary singers everyday.   But,  it's not everyday the request comes from the legend's daughter.

Melissa  Luman Phillips,  Bob's daughter,  sent us a facebook request to play one of her dad's songs,  which I did happily,  and then she sent back a thanks!

No.  Thank YOU,  Mrs. Phillips.  And how about calling me and letting me interview you on KWKH live?

Well,  Melissa surprised me this morning with a phone call and we talked about the good ol days of the Louisiana Hayride and KWKH and her wonderful legendary father.

If you missed it, here's my interview with Bob Luman's daughter,  Melissa, that aired on the KWKH Morning Show today.


Can't be any better than this great tradition.
Melissa says her father was just a teenager when he won a talent contest at Kilgore High School and won first prize, which  was a spot on the Louisiana Hayride.  The rest is the stuff of legends. He became a star in Shreveport on KWKH and ended up on the Grand Ole Opry as did so many of his peers.