No, seriously—he's really joining the Warriors.

Durant made the announcement in a post on The Player's Tribune saying that it has been,

by far the most challenging few weeks in my professional life

Durant goes on to say that in addition to growing as a player, his decision was based on his "evolution as a man."

moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors.

According to ESPN, Durant is expected to sign a two-year contract worth $54.3 million.

Many NBA fans are already criticizing Durant's decision—not only because he's joining a squad that is already stacked with amazing players like NBA MVP Stephen Curry, but mainly because this move is completely hypocritical based on Durant's comments in the past.

Get more details here via ESPN and tell us what you think about the move in the comments.

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