This match was set up better than anything WWE did in all of 2017. From the first surprise appearance of Chris Jericho to call out Kenny Omega, to the press conference fights, to the social media war, every aspect of this rivalry was perfect.

It even caught the attention of one of the highest executives inside the WWE, Triple H:

As they say, then the bell rang.

But this time, that doesn't mean a bad thing. This match was incredible. To consider Jericho's age, and how long he's been doing this, and to see what he did in this match, it doesn't make sense.

From big entrances to table spots, the match had grit and theatrics. There was also a story being told from the moment Jericho started walking to the ring, until they were both drug out of the arena. Signatures moves, finishers, kick outs, and chants. If the WWE could capture this magic, there wouldn't be so many pro wrestling fans in the US putting down 1,000 Yen to buy into a Japanese website to watch this kind of art.

You know what, yeah, art. What we saw from these two was art.


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