This weekend is a massive gaming convention in Dallas called DreamHack. The event hosts multiple esports game tournaments, an expo, and apparently Jeff Goldblum.

Based on the event's website, Goldblum was not set as a guest of any kind, but there's mounting evidence online that he's there to party. Which, at this point, seems to center around playing arcade games. Here are some of the Tweets showing his adventures...

Over the last few years, Goldblum has achieved a strong online persona through fan memes and stories about his eccentric habits. This is the kind of thing that adds to that narrative. He's basically like the next in line for the "Bill Murray" treatment.

More recently, Goldblum has started to appear as a guest at pop culture conventions and comic cons. Perhaps the fun he's been having at those events has led to him developing a personal interest in attending these conventions?

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