For those who love football and mobile gaming, this one is a must-play.

Often during my video game reviews, I point out that I'm not generally a big video game guy. In the past, I've reviewed console games like UFC 3, PGA 2K21, and Red Dead Redemption. Outside of those three games and an occasional dip into GTA 5, I don't play console games often. Instead, I spend most of my video game time on mobile games.

I've been hooked on a couple for quite a while now, those two being Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG. This week, I was looking for something new and I found a truly wonderful game.

After downloading (and being incredibly disappointed in Madden mobile, I needed to find something to scratch my mobile football itch.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Retro Bowl.

This game is like a time machine in that it truly lives up to its name and looks and feels completely retro. When I was very young, one of the first video games I ever played was Madden on the Super Nintendo. Retro Bowl, to me, has that old school look and feel that I didn't realize I missed so much.

The action itself in Retro Bowl is simple, yet difficult at times. You control all of the action on offense and special teams, hopefully, they'll add defense soon. The 8-bit game plays quickly where each game itself only lasts a few minutes. In between games, you play the role of a head coach making adjustments, free agent signings, re-signing, staff building, and player relationships. You also have to master the art of the salary cap, in order to build the perfect team.

This is truly a wonderful mobile game.





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