Brother of NFL League and Super Bowl MVP Patrick, Jackson Mahomes has never shied from attention. His extreme online presence and entitled attitude has put off sports fans and others, to a point where Jackson's brother had to have a private conversation with him, asking him to cool off.

Unfortunately, Jackson has gotten in far more serious trouble.

Warning: some may find the video in the tweet below to be distressing.

Mahomes is being accused of making repeated unwanted advances on the owner of a restaurant, and some element of the assault was captured in the security footage above. Additionally, it seems he was in a physical altercation with a member of the restaurant's staff.

The criminal investigation is being conducted by the Kansas City Police Department, and more information will be released as is appropriate.

The general reaction is that of rejoicing. The other Mahomes brother is not very popular among a lot of people, and it seems his sense of entitlement has finally caught up with him.

The most important thing is ensuring the safety and mental health of the victims of Mahomes' assaults. But seeing Jackson Mahomes face justice, regardless of any family connections he may have, should also be very important.

We'll keep you updated as things develop.

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