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The casinos in Shreveport opened up today for the first time since closing down in March due to the Governor's 'Stay at Home Order'. I stopped by the three that re-opened to the public today to see what they were like.

All three boats are checking people for COVID-19 as they enter. At Margaritaville, you will be asked a series of questions about whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms. All of the casinos will check your temperature before you are allowed to get onto the gambling floor. You will be offered a mask at each boat, but you are not required to wear one.

There is hand sanitizer at each table for the guests to use. To help with social distancing, there are only 3 seats available at each game table. However, six people can play on the craps table at once.

So, how did I do on day one? I only brought $200 into Horseshoe and that only lasted about an hour. But I have a rule and do not go to ATM's at the casinos. So that means I left at about 9am.

I brought $300 to El Dorado when they opened at noon. To be honest, I play blackjack more often at El Dorado, so I was excited to see some familiar faces. Sadly, the table games at El Dorado were not open today. In fact, I learned they will have limited hours for the next few weeks. The table games will only be open from 4pm to Midnight Thursday-Sunday.

Take a Look at Reopening Day for Some Local Casinos

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