I'm now a Professional Armwrestling fan.... Thanks, Coronavirus.

I'm sure many of you reading this can agree, but I'm damn-near out of things to do during our lock-down. I believe I've seen every movie available to watch on Netflix, and I think I might have seen every YouTube video ever uploaded.

I can tell YouTube is out of options to throw me, as well. Clearly I've watched every video that follows my typical viewing habits. Conan O'Brien clips? Yep, watched them all. Bloopers from the Office? You know those have been gone. Brave Wilderness with Coyote Peterson? I've watched so many I feel like I could survive a sting from the Murder Hornet.

So now, YouTube is just throwing randomness into my recommendations to see if anything sticks... Today, it stuck, hard.

Today, I get a recommendation in my YouTube feed titled, "Devon Larratt WAL Career Highlights". I had no reason to click on this... I didn't know what WAL was, and I had never heard of Devon Larratt. However, in the picture used for the thumbnail, I thought he looked like a jacked-up Elon Musk so I clicked the video for that reason and that reason only.

What came next was a wild 18-minute ride that I could not take my eyes off of.

Quickly, I learned two things.... WAL stands for World Armwrestling League, and Devon Larratt is without question the Michael Jordan of the sport.

I watched this guy's career highlights  in complete shock and excitement for nearly 20 minutes. He's honestly a very funny guy, and I love a good trash-talker, especially when he can back it up, and this guy is at the very top of his sport.

You have to check this video out, and join me in armwrestling fandom.


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