During week 5 of the 2023 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys took on the San Francisco 49ers during the Sunday Night Football game. Those who watched the game already know the outcome; but what we're talking about is what happened AFTER the game. A 49ers fan got down on his knee, presented a ring to her & proposed to his girlfriend wearing a Cowboys jersey. The moment was captured by NBS sports & uploaded onto all their social media pages.

It was a very sweet moment to watch.

As it turns out, both the 49ers fan & the Cowboys fan were from El Paso, Texas.

The video was shared onto FitFam El Paso, where it was revealed that the 49ers fan named Arty (or Luis) and his girlfriend (or should I say fiancé) Lexi. While of course some of the comments consisted of people joking about how that's the closest the Cowboys will get to winning a ring this year, many people gave congratulations to the happy couple.

As they should! Because that's a beautiful moment for both of them; you don't normally see a proposal during a football game, let alone Sunday Night Football.

There was another El Pasoan at the 49ers/Cowboys SNF game

Cowboys fan, Danny Gonzales was also present at the game carrying a big sign that read "# FitFam El Paso 915". And that sign did in fact make it on the broadcast. Shoutout to Danny for also representing El Paso at Santa Clara.

I know this game certainly isn't looked fondly by Cowboys fan, but for Arty & Lexi, I hope they never forget that night as they both get ready for the next chapter in their lives. So congrats to Arty & Lexi; may you two have a happy marriage!

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