Former WWE star Michael Jones, better known by his wrestling name Virgil, has died at the age of 61.

A post on his Instagram account confirmed the news.

The cause of death has not been made public. However, Jones was reportedly diagnosed with dementia and had two strokes in 2022.

In December, a GoFundMe was set up to help cover Jones' living expenses.

How did he get started in pro wrestling?

A native of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, Jones played college football at Virginia Union University and would later get into bodybuilding.

After a chance meeting with Tony Atlas in a Pittsburgh gym, Atlas recommended Jones to Pro Wrestling in 1985. In that same year, Jones began training with Afa of the Wild Samoans.

Jones started wrestling professionally as Soul Train Jones in the mid-80s.

The debut of Virgil in the WWF

He first appeared in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) under the name Lucius Brown in 1986.

He would debut as Virgil in the summer of 1987 as the bodyguard for "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Virgil carried DiBiase's money which he liked to flaunt and was the one who got beaten up while DiBiase escaped the ring.

His career after Vince McMahon

Jones left the WWE in 1994 and later joined the WCW in 1996, wrestling under the name Vincent.

He retired from wrestling after leaving the WCW in 2000, but would make occasional appearances and even returned briefly to the WWE in 2010.

Jones made several appearances on AEW television in 2019 and 2020, using his Soul Train Jones character. That is believed to be the last time that Jones wrestled.

Jones remembered

Several former and current wrestlers took to social media to share their sympathy and love for the late wrestler.

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