You've heard the phrase "You can't win 'em all." Well, in Louisiana, when we don't win, we are very likely to get upset. Now over the years, the New Orleans Saints before the mid-2000s were notorious for grabbing defeat out of the jaws of victory turning Saints fans into Aints fans, and employing the use of paper bags on their heads at games.

A recent survey from Captain Gambling including over 2,000 Americans determined how the average person from each state responds to a loss (since it's a gambling site we are assuming they are only referring only to sports losses.)

via CaptainGambling
via CaptainGambling

According to the survey, 33 percent of Americans stay calm after a loss. Other reactions included:

  • Laughing it off

  • Asking for a rematch

  • Walk away

  • Deny the loss

Not surprisingly, 15% of the survey respondents have actually gotten into fights with other players after losing. There is plenty of video evidence to support the finding if you do a quick search on YouTube. Even though he's not originally from Missouri, Patrick Mahomes might have blown the curve on the calm nature of the state at 36%.

That being said, where does Louisiana rank in terms of handling a loss? At least we're not at the top of the list. That honor goes to our neighbor to the north in Arkansas with 83% of respondents admitting they lose it when they lose. Louisiana follows on the list at number 2, with 80% of those surveyed admitting to being a sore loser. The primary reaction to losing in Louisiana is to deny the loss.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you're looking for states that stay calm in the face of defeat, head to Utah and Iowa who are only 17% likely to get upset when they lose.

One interesting question on the survey asked if parents intentionally let children win games. While there was no official breakdown by state, 57% said they occasionally let their kids win, 30% said 'Yes' and 13% were not going to lighten up just because they were playing against a child.

As to why Louisianans react the way they do after a loss is up for debate, but I'd like to think it's because of our fiery spirit and tenacity to never give up, even if it means denying we lost. Louisiana has plenty to celebrate, and here are a few things we're proud of.

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