Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Louisiana kids grew up crawfishing in ditches, using gumbo pots as drums, and watching The Price Is Right at Maw Maw's house when we had to miss school. We dreamed of wearing that strange nametag and hearing our name to "come on down." Added to that, the thought of standing next to Bob Barker with his little microphone gave us the frissons.

One woman from Lafayette, Louisiana, had that dream come true in 1998 when she met Bob Barker and won prizes.

Rhyan Shea Wheeler, the CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana, was on a trip to Los Angeles. She and some college friends decided to buy tickets to a taping of The Price Is Right.

The show taped twice a day, and they couldn't get into the first session. They waited, and all got a seat for the afternoon recording.

And her name got called! Sort of.

Her name is pronounced like the masculine version of Ryan. As you'll hear in the video, the announcer mispronounced it. Rhyan says she knew it was her because, when they call the name, they also hold up a poster with the contestant's name on it.

And so Rhyan, proudly sporting an LSU Tigers t-shirt, ran down that ramp and took her place on contestants' row.

Each contestant bid on a bowler's dream prize, and Rhyan came within $9 of the actual price! Oh, and it looks like her bones are safe, too. Anything to get your product on The Price is Right.

Rhyan remembers how wonderful ole Bob Barker looked while she was sitting in the audience. She was a bit shocked when she was standing next to him and realized how much makeup he was wearing.

She also corrected Bob Barker when he mispronounced her name!

Rhyan rushed around the stage as she played the match the price game and beat the buzzer.

She won a furniture set which she says worked perfectly in her college apartment.

And then she got to spin the big wheel. But could she beat 90 cents?

With only 25 cents after spinning the wheel twice, her time on The Price Is Right was over.

She said she really enjoyed herself, although she was shocked to have been a contestant.

And walking away with a furniture set and a bowling set topped it off.

Oh! And the Citracal.

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