A Lafayette neighborhood was rocked on Friday night (Feb. 23) by a high-impact crash that resulted in a car being split in two, with one half of the vehicle igniting into flames upon impact with a utility pole. It was a dramatic scene that occurred along Pandora Street and was captured on surveillance video, revealing the harrowing moments leading up to and following the crash.


The vehicle, later identified as stolen from a family member, was being driven by 37-year-old Connor Chaney of Lafayette, this according to Lafayette Police. Immediately following the crash, Chaney fled the scene but eventually sought medical attention for injuries sustained in the accident. The Lafayette Police Department has since issued warrants for Chaney's arrest, citing the stolen vehicle's involvement in the crash.


According to reports from KADN News 15, the Lafayette Police Department is currently on the hunt for the driver, who is said to have fled the scene on foot immediately after the accident. The severity of the crash was such that one half of the car not only caught fire but also collided with a nearby home. Miraculously, despite the potential for disaster, no injuries were reported among the occupants of the home.

The incident was brought to the public's attention through the on-air reporting of News 15’s Jim Hummel and Marcelle Fontenot, who confirmed the details of the crash and the ongoing search for the driver. The Lafayette Police Department has not yet released information on the identity of the driver or the circumstances leading up to the crash, leaving many questions unanswered in this developing story.

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Pandora Street runs parallel to Congress Street from Marie Antoinette near Lafayette High School to Eula Drive which is closer to Guilbeau Road. One Facebook user commented on News 15's post saying speeding has been a longtime concern for nearby residents.

Concerns regarding speeding on this residential road have been raised for years with pleas to take action to improve safety but unfortunately nothing has been done. Speed limit is 35mph, this crash occurred right in front of a daycare (although after hours), and could have easily injured residents or pedestrians. Students walk along this road to and from Lafayette High School daily while cars speed by.

Anyone in those areas should also take a look at any surveillance or doorbell camera footage to see if anything looks suspicious.


As the investigation continues, authorities are urging anyone with information about the crash or the whereabouts of the driver to come forward. We will update this story when and if we receive any new confirmed details from the Lafayette Police Department.

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