A severe storm swept through southeast Texas yesterday, especially wreaking havoc on the city of Houston.

With intense winds up to 78 miles an hour, windows were ripped from buildings, trees came crashing down, and power outages were reported to impact over 800,000 people. The storm left four dead due to various falling debris.

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I came across a variety of videos documenting the event on TikTok. From the power outage to the aftermath of the storm, these videos are shocking and concerning to see. Keep scrolling for more information.

First, we see the power outage hitting the city as lighting strikes in the background.

Then we see the crazy wind and the funnel of a tornado travel by.

Some people documented their experience as they were trapped in their cars during the storm. Many drivers choosing to shelter under overpasses.

The aftermath in Downtown Houston was lots of shattered glass from the windows ribbed off of high-rise buildings.

In the suburbs, trees were one of the biggest concerns. From branches to entire trunks, trees were snapped apart by the fierce winds.

I can’t imagine how scary this must have been, especially for those stuck outside of their homes.

You can find more information about this storm and its impact on the Houston area here.

I am so sorry for the loss and destruction this natural disaster caused. I hope for a fast recovery for everyone involved. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by this storm.

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