Football season is over and that means baseball season is about to start soon. Here's something I did not know about our Texas baseball teams.

Pitchers and Catchers Report on Wednesday

To some, Wednesday is Valentine's Day. To baseball fans, this is what we consider the start to the 2024 season. When pitchers and catchers head down to their spring training sites to get the season started. The reason why teams play in Florida and Arizona is to simulate summer type conditions in February and March.

World Series Champion Texas Rangers Head to Surprise, Arizona

Cactus League Stadiums Aerial Views
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Above is Surprise Stadium in Surprise, Arizona. It has been home to spring training games since 2002. Now I thought every Major League Baseball team had their own venue for spring training games. Turns out, the Texas Rangers actually share this facility with the Kansas City Royals. Spring training this year actually starts with the Rangers taking on the Royals. The Rangers are technically the home team for the Friday game on February 23rd, then on the 24th it is a home game for the Royals against the Rangers.

Houston Astros Report to CACTI Park of the Palm Beaches

Washington Nationals v Houston Astros
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The Texas Rangers play in the Cactus League in Arizona. Meanwhile the other Texas team, The Houston Astros travel to Florida to play in the Grapefruit League. Since 2017, they have shared this venue in West Palm Beach Florida with the Washington Nationals.

Fun Stat About These Stadiums

Over the past decade, half of the World Series winners got their season started at one of the venues listed above.

  • 2015 Kansas City Royals Win World Series
  • 2017 Houston Astros Win World Series
  • 2019 Washington Nationals Win World Series
  • 2022 Houston Astros Win World Series
  • 2023 Texas Rangers Win World Series

Now that football is officially over for the year, I just want to watch some baseball. Can't wait for the season to officially start in a couple of weeks.

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