My life changed this week. Tiger, my 9-year-old Boston Terrier got sick earlier this week. He was having trouble going to the bathroom and was not eating. Things took a terrible turn on Thursday morning.

I remember the day I first laid eyes on this little guy.

Tiger 1

Wednesday, I got him to eat some ground beef, but on Thursday morning, he would not eat anything and wouldn't move at all. I knew I would have to rush him in to get him checked. I was optimistic they would find some sort of virus or bacterial infection and get it cleared up. That was not the case.

The doctor ran several tests and drained Tiger's bladder, but it turned out to be worse than we thought. Tiger was in full kidney failure. Doc told me "I can not save him and he is suffering."  No one wants their beloved pet to suffer. So I made the tough decision to say goodbye to my little boy.

I got Tiger when he was 6 weeks old. My brother has him Mom, Irene and his Dad, Willie. Both of those pups are still alive. So, I'm very sad to let my boy go so soon. But he's no longer in pain and he's in a better place. He looked so sad as he laid on that table Thursday. I think he knew.

Tiger 3

Tiger will have a long legacy. He was the very first dog to poop in the Shreveport dog park. I will forever laugh about that.


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