If you grew up in Haughton and went to dear ol' Haughton High School in the late 80's/early 90's, there are some very specific things that shaped your high school experience!

First off, who can forget our beloved Principal 'General' Jane Smith. She ruled HHS with an iron fist, but she was fair and always very supportive her students. However, there wasn't a thing frostier than her stare if you got sent to the front office... that is, other than your own frosted locks... We were all 'frosted flakes' back in the day, even the guys!

Of course, every girl at HHS had a full size can of Aquanet in her purse to make sure her hair achieved maximum volume at all times and that was one reason why our AFJROTC program was so big... in addition to patriotism and a large military presence in our area, of course! The truth is, most girls would take ROTC than sweat off their makeup and mess up their hair in gym.

I for one, never understood why people always thought we were such a country school back in the day... After all, we had a WALMART! Plus, Doyline was the real country school.

Minden was Haughton's rival, not this silly Parkway rivalry we have now... and when homecoming week came around, we marked the occassion by making signs, attending bon fires,  pep rallies and the big game, NOT by chugging milk.

Any Haughton student from back in the day knows that Short Stop french fries were the best in town and that a Saturday night at Bodcau Dam was the stuff that memories were made of. Who can forget sneaking off to swim in the 'blue hole?'

Of course, back in the day, we didn't have texting or social media, we had to pass notes and hope that Mrs. Bell or Coach Geuin, in his short coach's shorts, wouldn't catch you! Not that I minded those shorts...

Of course, the drinking age was 18 and half of the seniors were of age, which meant the Thirfy Liquor on  Hwy 80 just west of the Racetrack did brisk business with the Haughton crowd selling Mad Dog 20/20, Purple and Pink Passion, you name it... that was back in the day when you could hit the drive thru window and get a mixed drink and Cowboys had kick boxing and concerts in the parking lot and we'd all do our best to sneak in! (Correction, I've been informed, it was The Whiskey Still that had the drive thru cocktails, not Thrifty Liquor, in my defense, that was MANY years ago;))

More wholesome activities consisted of Sadie Hawkins dances, parties at the Country Place clubhouse and taking over Eastwood... and it's golf carts!

I've stretched my feeble brain enough. What are some of your recollections from the late 80's/early 90's from Haughton High School? I definitely remember that being a member of the Highsteppers meant you were the 'ish... Too bad I never made the team... Or the cheerleading squad for that matter. Oh well. I guess I was a late bloomer? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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