Shreveport is VERY well known for it's haunted locations. From The Pea Farm to The Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport is full of ghost stories.

But for a city the size of Shreveport, with as much history as Shreveport, you expect that.

Haughton though, how haunted could that be? Turns out, it's pretty damn haunted.

At least in recent memory, Haughton has as many interesting haunting videos posted online as Shreveport does. Actually, some of the videos of Haughton might be more compelling than anything posted in Shreveport.

First, the Pizza Place Video:

Then, there's this odd one from a graveyard in Haughton. It may not be as strong as the Pizza Place Video, but it at least gives you something. It's not the big flash that you're looking for:

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