Matt Hardy has spent the last year trying to save TNA Wrestling essentially on his own. But even with his newfound "Broken" brilliance, TNA had to go through a tough ownership change, and still has an uncertain future.

But that hasn't stopped the online wrestling community from eating up his Broken Universe. For example, when his image showed up on the screen at a Ring of Honor event, the generally fickle 'smark' crowd exploded with joy.

Now the rumors are that Hardy will take this successful gimmick, back to where it all started for him, the WWE.

Matt, and his brother Jeff, broke-out in the early 2000s as a high-flying, death defying tag-team for the (then) WWF. Their ladder matches are still among the all time greats.

The way the rumors have it going is that now that both of the Hardy boys are out of their contracts with TNA, they're going to make their way back to the WWE, and it's not just a theory. There are sources inside the wrestling world that the wheels are already in motion for the move to happen soon.

One of the latest matches onto this rumor fire is the closing of Matt Hardy's online store:

The Hardy group's answer to the rumors around the store closing is that Matt's wife Reby is pregnant with the couple's second child, and she has been personally running the store for the last few years. With a young child, and another on the way, she won't be able to run the store anymore.

But when you already have rumors surrounding a return to the land of McMahon, and then you start shutting down your store, people are going to put 2 and 2 together.

There's no timetable right now on when we'll find out if this situation equals 4 or not.

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