George Johannesen is very much alive. Which is why it was so surprising when the Canadian man received a letter addressed "To the Estate of George Johannesen." Even more surprising is that it came from his insurance company, who should really be on top of such things.

Now this wouldn't have been so terrible if Manitoba Public Insurance was giving Johannesen's estate a fat check for his passing away. But that's not what happened. Instead the letter was to inform the estate that, since George was dead, his driver license and auto insurance had been cancelled in October.

This poses a problem for Johannesen because, being alive, he continues to drive his car.

"I don't understand how this could have happened," he told the Toronto Sun. "For me to be declared dead, someone would have to present a death certificate. For someone to get that, I guess I must have died sometime in October."

Now the 59-year-old worries that he will stop getting his pension and other government benefits. The Manitoba Public Insurance Company says they are trying to resolve the issue. They also claim they weren't the ones who determined Johannesen was dead, but cryptically can't reveal the source of the confusion for confidentially reasons. Perhaps a pesky ghost is behind the mix up?

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