Multiple tornados blew through Texas on Monday night (March 21st, 2022). As always with tornados, you want to stay off the roads and get to a safe place.

Sometimes, however, they blow through so quickly that you have no choice.

That's what happened Monday near Elgin, Texas just east of I-35 where ABC News Channel 13 confirmed the tornado.

A storm chaser named Brian Emfinger was chasing the tornado when he captured the incredible video below of a red truck that was caught in the middle of the highway in the path of a huge tornado.

The truck flips completely over, spins and rolls, before landing back on its wheels and driving off. Just an incredible display of destruction surrounds this truck with sparks of electricity booming as power lines are destroyed. That didn't stop the truck, though.

Emfinger had even more footage of damage done by the same tornado.

The tornado near Elgin followed another devastating tornado that touched down in Jacksboro, Texas even earlier in the afternoon on Monday.

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