There is an old comedy record from back in the day as performed by the late Robin Williams. The album is called, Reality, What a Concept. I have remembered the title of that album for several decades now, I mean, it came out in 1979. Although it's a funny record, it's the title that has always kept me intrigued.

Because we each live our own reality, right? What seems normal to you might seem totally off base for me. It's the off base people I am addressing now. If you happened to have seen last night's AFC Divisional Playoff Game between Kansas City and Buffalo you might have seen a fan experiencing his own reality and getting a dose of real reality from a Buffalo Bills player.

Here's the way most of America saw the incident last night as it was being telecast on CBS. You've got Tony Romo and Jim Nantz on the call.

What you can see from that angle is the view of a misguided fan getting tackled by stadium security in Kansas City. The networks don't usually show fans on their broadcasts when they do stupid stuff. They have figured out the publicity is what the ne'er do wells are going for.

We are opting to show you a little more of the incident because it really downplays the "publicity" the idiot fan receives and shows people at home just how serious NFL players take it when you come into "their office" unannounced.

That's Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills suggesting to the fan rather violently that he, the fan, made a poor choice by running onto the field. Needless to say that fan, I assume when he sobers ups, will certainly feel that lick. He got tagged once by Diggs and then again by security.

So, what happens when someone decides to run onto the field of play during a sporting event? Well, it depends on which state or stadium you happen to be in. For the most part, the fan is taken to jail, held overnight, usually because they are drunk, and then released the following day with a trespassing charge and a fine.

In some states, there are minimum penalties in place that include fines of $1,000 and the possibility of up to six months in jail. But perhaps the most stinging punishment for these "over the top fan idiots" is the fact that they are often banned from attending any events in that stadium. Sometimes, it's a lifetime ban. This means they'll never get to see their team play at home again.

Which wouldn't be bad if you were a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, I guess. But, for most teams being banned from all the action would be a spirit killer.  Meanwhile, if you'd like to keep your Saints fan spirit going all year long. Here are some suggestions that we found to be quite nice.

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