Yeah, you read that headline right. Nick Saban could have helped to avert all the heartache. Nick Saban could have made it so New Orleans Saints fans didn't wake up this morning distraught. Nick Saban could have changed everything that happened last night.

Some of you might have already beaten me to it, but in case you didn't get there yet...Nick Saban could have made it so Drew Brees wasn't involved in the game, which would have definitely impacted what happened yesterday.

When Nick Saban was coaching the Miami Dolphins in 2006, the franchise was seriously considering signing quarterback Drew Brees, who had been allowed to walk away from the San Diego Chargers because of a shoulder injury. The Dolphins were excited to bring Brees in. Saban took him to dinner twice, and pushed to sign Brees. But a 6-hour physical and medical exam sent the wrong message to Brees. He reportedly got a low offer from the Dolphins too.

While at the same time, New Orleans was in the early recovery stages after Hurricane Katrina. Brees embraced the rebuild projects that involved both the city, and Saints franchise. The Saints were ready to send a message too, so they offered him a massive signing bonus, and second year option. Brees became a Saint, and history changed forever in the city.

So if back in 2006, Nick Saban would have fought harder to get Brees into Florida, the Saints wouldn't have their franchise QB. The Saints likely wouldn't have a Super Bowl ring, and it's safe to say they wouldn't have been in the NFC Championship game this year.

Not to mention, if Brees and Saban were working magic in Miami, Saban's Alabama dynasty would have never happened, and LSU could be on top of the SEC...

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