A Washington State High Schooler has kicked a state-record 67 yard field goal.  The long boot is even longer than the NFL record length for a field goal which stands at 63 yards.  What's even greater, is that this kick was at the end of the game to send his team to over-time.  Talk about pressure! The kick sent Central Valley High into OT by tying the game at 55.  They would go on to win in over-time.

Austin Rehkow now has the state record but reportedly has no scholarship offers yet.

Rehkow claims he never even hit a 63 yarder in practice.  Tom Dempsey, Jason Elam, Sebastian Janikowski and most recently David Akers have all booted it true from 63 yards in an NFL game.

The national record is a 68 yard field goal kicked in 1985.