Caddo school leaders have mapped out the options for the 2020-2021 school year.
But the final decision on the structure of the school plan is up to the Caddo School Board. Three options have been presented to the board.

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Chief Academic Officer Keith Burton laid out all the options considering the guidance from the State Department of Health, the CDC and the State Education Department.

The 3 options are:

1. Traditional school classes
2. Hybrid model
3. Virtual learning

Burton says:

The guiding force for our district has been to get our students back in school, but we will only do so if we can provide our students a quality education safely and securely. These proposed models were developed in consultation with medical professionals, principals, curriculum teams, educators, and our Operations Division. Our goal is to provide instruction in a variety of formats using the lessons gained this spring but also how we can best support our students and staff through such transitions.

Under the Traditional plan, students would report to school on August 10th with the district allowing for face-to-face instruction as well as an all-virtual model for students whose families do not feel comfortable with students returning to campuses. In this model, elementary students will remain in static groups, and middle and high school students may be allowed to change classes while maintaining social distancing. Students deemed medically fragile or high risk will be provided virtual instruction.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided through the district’s “grab and go” system and will be scheduled in classrooms and other designated areas.

Under the Hybrid plan, schools would use an “A/B” schedule. Students would attend classes virtually on Mondays. Tuesdays and Thursdays would be an "A" day with Wednesday and Fridays as "B" days. Students would be grouped by alphabet to determine which group would report to campus on which days. The students not on campus would attend virtually.

The district will work with families to make changes to keep siblings on the same schedule. Multiple meals will be provided for all students to take home for the days they are not at school. Schools will also designate specific entry and exit points, and no assemblies will be allowed.

Under the Virtual Model, the district will implement a new learning management system to better support students and teachers. Instruction through this system will be provided using a dual model of live virtual education as well as on-demand lessons. Teachers will receive coaching and feedback on the quality of resources and instructional delivery.

Meals for the week each Monday. There will be no public access to school sites under this plan.

Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools says:

I am incredibly proud of our teachers and staff, and the incredible way they completely changed the way they delivered instruction in a matter of a week last March. Moving forward, we must build off of the lessons learned in the spring and provide an instructional model that is faster in implementation and provides greater support of our students and families.

Leaders say the safety of students and staff is the top priority.

On the bus system, transportation will be provided, but the schedules will be staggered to minimize student group sizes while ensuring social distancing. All passengers should engage in hand hygiene upon entering the bus. Masks or other face coverings should be worn by all students and staff. Students are discouraged from congregating in large groups at bus stops.

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