Here's how you can get the full Facebook report of everything you have ever done on Facebook.

Click on your homepage. Then you click on settings. Once on this page, you will see at the bottom of "general account settings" a button that says "download a copy of your Facebook data".

I did just that and got an instant email from Facebook that said "you recently requested a copy of your Facebook data. It's now ready for you to download." You can then click on the download button and you will see everything Facebook knows about all of your activity.

It does take a couple of minutes to download the document because it is quite extensive. You will learn so much about the data that is being collected about you.

Here are some of the categories you will find in the report: advertisers who have your contact info, ads you have clicked on, apps you have installed, events you have looked at. It also has a list of all of your friends, every picture you have ever sent or received and so much more.

This is a massive report and it will take you lots of time to peruse the download.

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