Mudbug Madness 36 is a wrap. Huge crowds showed up all weekend to enjoy the music, food and family fun at this legendary festival.

My first visit was on Friday for the opening and the celebrity crawfish eating contest. My pal Jay Whatley was the winner (2nd year in a row) and he'll be back to defend his title next year. I enjoyed seeing some old friends and chowing down on my crawfish and a nice cold beverage.


I made a return visit Saturday afternoon and got to enjoy the crawfish calling contest. It was won by Sheila Isaac who wowed the crowd:

She takes home the big trophy and lots of love from the local crowd. If you don't smile while watching her joy, something is wrong with you.

Another thing I had to try while at the festival was the crawfish ice cream. It was vanilla ice cream with an infusion of crawfish flavors. It also had a boiled crawfish on top. I'm not a fan. The taste was too bizarre for me. But my son loved it.


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