There are so many iPhone hacks out there. I am convinced I don't know how to use my phone properly because of all the capabilities it has that I have yet to find out about.

I Just Found Out How to Tag a Contact In a Group Message

Did you know that you can tag contacts in group messages? Sometimes your messages get lost in the massive group chat. Did you know that you can mention a certain person directly? Type the @ symbol followed by their name then, hit the space bar. This will make the @ symbol disappear. When you send the message, the mentioned person will receive a notification. Pretty awesome right?

In a Time Crunch? Need to Charge Your Phone Faster?

How can you charge your phone faster? Hit that airplane mode for a while. When you hit the airplane mode option your phone stops all the background noise like GPS and random notifications which drain your battery.

A New iPhone Hack Has Harry Potter Fans Loving Their iPhones

Thanks to TikTok I stumbled upon this gem and now this is how I am turning on my flashlight. Just Say "Hey Siri" when you get her attention say "Lumos" and bam your flashlight turns on.

How awesome is that? Yes, I have been finding multiple ways to use my flashlight now.

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Stacker compiled a list of key moments in Amazon's history and its current business from a variety of sources. Here's a look at the events that turned an online bookstore into a global conglomerate and a self-made entrepreneur into the world's second-richest man.

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