So you got hit with injuries, or under-performance, or Le'Veon Bell...your first week of Fantasy Football this week wasn't good.

You're team might be 0-1, or you did win, but didn't feel good about it. Either way, you may feel like you need a fix, and NOW. But is there something out there in the Free Agent pool that will be able to turn it around and win your league?

Probably not.

There are pieces out there that can help you over the next 3-4 weeks, but these players are not likely to win you the league. Here's what I'm talking about.

Tyler Locket - WR - Seattle: He is going to see more targets with Doug Baldwin hurt, but he's not going to be reliable every single week. Will he be able to fill in for an injured player, or give you more confidence over a bust draft pick? Yes.

Austin Ekeler - RB - Los Angeles Chargers: If the person in your league who has Melvin Gordon hasn't scooped him up yet, you need him NOW. He's a handcuff for Gordon, but he's going to have a roll in that offense even with Gordon healthy.

Tyrod Taylor - QB - Cleveland Browns: Don't mix up being good a REAL football with being good at FANTASY football. Tyrod is not as good as Aaron Rodgers are real football, but in the world of Fantasy Football, if you are worried about A-aron on your team right now, or his knee I guess, ya might want to dig out Tyrod. His legs will get you 6-15 points alone each week, plus whatever he does in the air as gravy.

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