A decorative flourish inside the new the $105 million courthouse in Franklin County, OH, is causing big problems.

It turns out, the clear risers on the courthouse's central stairwell allows anyone who is standing at ground level to see up a woman's skirt.

The courthouse opened Monday, and so far, the problem is being dealt with by having the building's security guards tell anyone with a dress or a skirt that she might be better off taking the elevator.

Judge Judy Lynch, who works in the building and likes to wear dresses, is livid about the new design. "How can you open a brand new building and not take in consideration half the population?" She asked Columbus' Channel 10 news.

Attorney Lori Johnson is worried that pervs with camera phones will start taking illicit pictures. "Then, next thing you know, you're on the Internet," Johnson said. "(It) sounds like a lawsuit in the making."

Indeed. Read on to watch the Channel 10 report.

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