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In case you haven't heard, effective as of August 4th 2021, Louisiana will once again be under a statewide mask mandate to help combat COVID-19. There's a lot of information being tossed around online, so we just wanted to clear up what this means for you, for us and for Geek'd Con 2021 as a whole.

Yes, there is a mask mandate, which means you have to wear a mask. Everyone over the age of 5, even if you’re vaccinated, will be asked to wear a mask. That's the policy for any event taking place indoors in the State of Louisiana between August 4th and September 1st.

However, there are multiple reasons that someone may not be wearing a mask according to the order (you can read it here), which includes:

- “any individual with a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a face covering”
- “any individual seeking to communicate with someone who has or is suspected of having a communication disorder”
- “any individual temporarily removing his or her face covering for identification purposes” (like a photo op)
- “any individual giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience”

Decisions on how photo ops will be handled (a distanced selfie, mask v no mask, etc.), how interactions with fans go, etc., are up to the individual guests.

The other big questions is: What does this mean for capacity or social distancing?

Actually, nothing changes for our show. We have already extended our layout to afford additional social distancing, which will remain for the show. This layout was approved during COVID restrictions in early 2021, when indoor restrictions were much stricter. So we are more than covered in this aspect.

The venue will also be working on enhanced mitigation measures with cleaning, staffing, and ventilation.

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