Luckily, the injuries appear to be non-threatening.

Another day, another shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana. It really does get tiresome reading news about shootings in Shreveport. It's even more tiresome having to write so many articles about them. Yet, here we are, reporting another senseless shooting.

The latest shooting happened at the Popeyes on East 70th. At this time, SPD hasn't released much information in regards to the victim, the suspect(s), or what led to the shooting. Originally, Shreveport Police told Love Shreveport that two were nursing bullet wounds once they arrived on the scene. However, they confirmed shortly after that only one person was shot.

It's unclear whether the victim was shot inside the Popeyes or outside of the popular restaurant chain. Once Shreveport Police arrived on the scene, the victim was inside the Popeyes with a bullet wound in the knee-area.

Shreveport Police did not a vehicle of interest located in the lot next door. It appears to be a gold Pontiac GT, around a year 2000 model. It appears the car sped out of the Popeyes drive-thru area and through the fence, then came to a stop at the second fence on the neighboring lot. With the car being left at the scene, there's a good chance that SPD can track down the suspects.

The entire Popeyes location is blocked-off with caution tape at this time as Shreveport Police remain on scene to try to get a handle on exactly what occurred.

I will update this article if/when new information is released via the Shreveport Police Department.

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