Furnace Fest 2021 has added four final bands to complete the already stacked lineup for the return of the punk, metal and hardcore festival happening at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Ala., this September 24-26.

Walls of Jericho (lead vocalist Candace Kucsulain pictured above), Copeland, If I Die First, and Nominee are the acts lastly appended to the three-day event that already counts the following bands among its three full days of concerts: Killswitch Engage, Converge, Thursday, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Andrew WK, Unearth, Misery Signals, Zao, Cave In, Every Time I Die, From Autumn to Ashes, Evergreen Terrace, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Hot Water Music, Fit for a King, Mineral, Stretch Arm Strong, Face to Face, Turnstile, The Juliana Theory, MewithoutYou, Boy Sets Fire, Darkest Hour, Unwed Sailor and many, many more.

"This is it!" Furnace Fest announced on Wednesday (May 5). "The final four pieces to complete a spectacular, brain-numbing puzzle of a lineup. Ninety bands in total, or 30 per day, for those of you counting."

In a separate statement, the festival's promoters offered a heartfelt message outlining the arduous path to organizing the 2021 event. Their first attempt at a comeback, in 2020, was wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic. Furnace Fest originated as a festival produced by defunct hardcore label Takehold Records from 2000-2003 until going dormant for nearly two decades.

"A few months ago, [we] struggled to see how we would move forward, how we'd ever come out of this," they said of the pandemic and its effects. "Life felt dark and heavy. Some of our friends around the world are experiencing this now. The level of time, energy, frustration and patience required from fans, artists, agents, managers and everyone behind the scenes has never gone unnoticed to us."

They continued, "We honor every single one of you for staying with us, encouraging us, being so gracious toward us, suggesting the incredible bands that make up this lineup, and affording us the joy of being silly young promoters again. We honor all of you in countries where the light doesn't seem to be breaking in yet. Our prayers and hope are with you. You are not alone, we see you and your struggle matters. Do not lose heart. "

See the complete Furnace Fest 2021 lineup down below, and get tickets and info here. Read more about the return of Furnace Fest, including an interview with organizer Johnny Grimes, at AL.com.

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