Most parents simply want their teenagers to get part-time jobs slinging fast food as a means to help pay for things like car payments and insurance, but one mother says she would rather her 16-year-old daughter enter the workforce as a good old fashion prostitute.

Becky Adams, the mother and former brothel madam responsible for pimping out tail for nearly 20 years says that it would make her happy if her daughter Emilia became a “high class escort” and that she even wants to help get her established.

“Society may judge her but I wouldn’t. At least prostitution is an honest profession.” says Adams. “I’d much rather she work as an escort than a banker. I couldn’t understand her wanting to do something morally wrong, something that could jeopardize someone else.”

Becky’s daughter Emilia who is presently working at a car showroom while studying travel and tourism says she is completely on board and doesn’t have any issues with becoming a lady of the evening.

“I don’t have a moral problem with having sex with strangers.” said Emilia. “I don’t think it’s wrong for women to sell their bodies. I’m not promiscuous but sex isn’t a massive thing for me. I certainly don’t regret losing my virginity at 14.”

Becky says that she got into prostitution as a way to rebel against her strict upbringing as she claims to have lived in a house where was never cuddled or loved. We are sure working as a prostitute remedied that completely.

After spending many years shacked up with the wrong guy and having sex with all of the others for money, Adams eventually opened a couple of brothels where she flourished as a ball cracking madam – and then eventually became a mother.

She says that her daughter Emelia spent the majority of her formative years being raised around hookers and likely received one heck of an education exploring the confines of the brothels after dark.

However, Adams insists that her brothels were decent establishments and only consisted of local girls grinding strangers to earn enough money to raise their children – no drugs and alcohol. We know what you are thinking – where is the fun in that? Just remember – this is a brothel we are talking about.

“Prostitution is a service.” says Adams. “It’s like care work. Clients might be disabled or widowed – it’s about making them feel special. Emilia has seen all that. She’s seen how it can save marriages — how a man whose wife is fighting cancer will visit a prostitute rather than start an affair. She’s not shocked by anything as a result.”

However, Becky thinks that her daughter would be better suited to be a madam rather than an actual prostitute because sometimes it’s more about coddling than screwing – and because a good prostitute needs to have a solid constitution to keep up with the daily, well, grind.

But don’t get too excited John – no matter which position Emilia decides to pursue, she’s going to have to wait until her eighteenth birthday to do it.

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