Sometimes you can win a bet, but lose the battle with stupidity. Such is the case with a man in Augusta, Georgia who went all ‘Ghost Rider’ to prove his point.

William Bonner has had his 15 seconds of flame after the Richmond County Sheriff’s office was called in for a supposed bar fight that went awry. According to Lt. Blaise Dresser, as reported by local ABC affiliate WJBF News Channel 6,  investigators were originally called when a friend of Bonner’s filed a report claiming he had been in a fight at Allie Katz bar. The report further said that, in retaliation, the other patrons set Bonner’s head on fire.

Video shows this is clearly not the case. Allie Katz surveillance picked up footage as Bonner is doused with Bacardi 151 rum by one “friend” and lit ablaze by another “friend.”  Bonner was taken to the hospital then transported to Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital and was listed in critical condition from the night of the incident (July 19) until July 23 when he was released.

No charges will be pressed, according to the Sheriff’s office. Though, his record will reflect he is third degree dumb.

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