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We pretty much knew that Drew Brees was planning for this 2020 season to be his last. Ever since his coach, Sean Payton, dropped a little nugget (he has since walked it back) we all started getting that vibe.

Then there was that little tidbit about his post-NFL contract with NBC that also pushed us further down that rabbit hole.

Or how about the fact that the team has now signed former number one overall draft pick Jameis Winston? That came off as a little bit of a shock, but also played into the idea that Brees will be wrapping up his career after this year.

Now today, Brees' former teammate, and current voice of the Saints, Zach Strief told WWL that he thinks Brees will be wrapping it up this year too. Strief said:

“I think he felt at points in the year like this was his last run, and there’s just something that kind of pulled him back. Yet at the same time, it’s got to end. You say that every year. But I do think if I was going to have to bet on it, I’d say that it was his last year, yet I’ll never get him to admit it ahead of time.”

If this is the last year for Brees, the Saints will now have to figure out what the plan for the future is...will it be Jameis, Taysom, or a future draft pick?

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