In anticipation of Sunday's NFC South Division match-up between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we go back in time.

Today, we go back to Sunday, December 11, 1977, the day the Buccaneers won their first game in franchise history,

It took them awhile though, as Tampa Bay, who came into the league in 1976, lost all 14 games that year, before dropping their first 12 games of 1977, giving them 26-consecutive losses.

In Week 13 of 1977 however, the Bucs marched into the Superdome and defeated the Saints, 33-14, for their first-ever win.

Now, as bad as the loss was, and it was bad, Tampa Bay won again in Week 14, and then made the playoffs two years later.

Still, it was a loss many old-school Saints fans will never forget, and a loss that probably sealed the fate of New Orleans head coach Hank Stram, who was replaced after the season.

Let's go back to December 11, 1977, and watch the game:



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