So,  I actually made it to the gym yesterday,  you know the one - Fitness World on Industrial Loop in Shreveport.  It was actually pretty crowded with folks trying to get that last minute workout -  running on the treadmill,  walking up and down on the stairmaster and lifting with the Nautilus weight machines. Then it occurred to me -  we were all there for one reason only -  exercising

Fitness World

full force so we won't feel any guilt about all that delicious turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie we'll be eating on Thanksgiving Day.  (Not to mention all the leftovers for the next week or so).

Now,  as a rookie exerciser,  my workout is fairly simple.  Two to three times a week,  I drop in,  spend 30 minutes on the treadmill,  then 10 minutes on the bicycle.  Then I use the Nautilus weight machines to work certain parts of the body that need the most help.

The squat machine for the thighs and buttocks;  the rowing machine for the arms and chest area, the abdominal and back weights and my favorite,  pulling out a mat and doing 30 crunches.  I confess that I do them the way girls do,  not the tough way that football players drill.

While I'm cycling on the bicycle machine,  I notice some really cool LSU framed photos.  There's the 2003 Sugar Bowl winning Tigers,  Mike the Tiger, and yes Nick Saban wearing purple and pointing his index finger up in the air, "No. 1."

LSU Nick Saban

Well, this year, LSU will end up number one again so I suspect Les Miles will take his place along Fitness World's LSU Wall of  Fame.

LSU Sugar

Working out really is fun. It gives you energy,  helps your circulation and depending on how hard you push yourself,  you can even achieve "the runner's high."   I haven't gotten to that point yet.  I get my high from the caffeine and sugar in the cup of coffee I usually pick up from the Starbucks down from the gym.

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to be good to your body,  whether it's working out or enjoying the

Mike the Tiger

pleasures of a delicious  high caloric festive feast for Thanksgiving!


Mike the Tiger says Happy Thanksgiving, too.

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